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RLMapLoader (RLML)

A tool for loading custom maps in Rocket League. Born out of a desire to automate a tedious process, RLML gathers workshop files and displays a list of them with preview images. Loading a workshop map is done with the click of a button.

Coded in Python using Tkinter and PIL.

Multi-Lane Road Traffic Simulation (MuLtiRoTS)

A stochastic cellular automaton model of road traffic. Created together with a colleague (coded by me), MuLtiRoTS aims to display phenomena seen in real-world traffic. Enables the user to record & plot data, as well as animate the simulation.

Coded in Jupyter Notebook using Matplotlib and Numpy.

PyWeek Explain

A learning resource for my team members during PyWeek 30. The Notebook explains some basic and useful concepts in Python. Although the game jam is over, the idea is to keep adding to it gradually, as it can be used outside of the jam.

Coded in Jupyter Notebook

TeaBay (Summer Code Jam 2020 - Python Discord)

A web app created as a team of 5, based on the theme of "early internet". We asked "What would the internet have been used for, had it been around in the 1700s?". TeaBay was our answer. The app provides a trade hub for merchants of spices, weapons and services to exchange goods with civillians and other merchants. Our submission is under the team name "glossy-gorillas".

Coded in Python using Django.